New This Week!

Here’s what we’ve added to Beta Max TV recently:

The Mummy and the Monkey are on the prowl at Monster Bash 2017. In between interviews with renown horror hosts and celebrities, they will feature the Bela Lugosi not-so-classic The Devil Bat.

On the latest episode of Beware Theater Arachana of the Spider People and her friend Deadly host a 1960 British cult classic starring the great Christopher Lee that involves an eerie inn, a young college student and a small town with a startling secret.

While rummaging through some horrible comics found in the dumpster Deadwest of Screaming Soup gets inspired to review the late 80s horror schlockfest, Cellar Dweller.

Also, we have added another episode of Retro Nite Owl Theatre.

We’ll have more fresh episodes up on the channel next week.