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JANUARY 25:  IT’S A SHADOW DOUBLE FEATURE ON THIS WEEK’S DON’S BREAKFAST SERIAL!!!  Check out the News tab‘s top story for more details!

JANUARY 20:  DR. DRECK, EL SANTO, AND A SNEAK PEAK AT THE LAST PAGE OF SUMMER – TODAY ON BETA MAX TV!!!  Check out the News tab‘s top story for more details!

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We take you from outer space to a beatnik coffee house in search of fun and action for this week’s FRIDAY FUN-TIME FIVE on Beta Max TV!
Uncle Pete discusses Yul Brynner’s career and Azul De Vaca reads a poem for the Italian crime feature DEATH RAGE on The Dark Vault Of Public Domain. A retired hit man comes back into action with the unrequested aid of a fan to avenge the murder of his brother.
Lee Turner takes us to outer space for intrigue and action as After Hours Cinema presents ASSIGNMENT OUTER SPACE. In this 1960 Italian sci-fi, a runaway space ship with overloading generators is on a collision path with Earth and the astronauts aboard a space station must find a way to stop it.
RItch and Triv and the gang continue their re-visit to Ghoulardi-fest on The Midnight Movie for BUCKET OF BLOOD, the 1959 Roger Corman classic about a busboy who makes a hit in the beatnik art scene with sculptures that may be just a little too life-like.
The Cinema Snob wonders if this week’s film is real or pretend – but it’s real! The Snob reviews the 2020 film TRUMP VS. THE ILLUMINATI about a 1000 year old clone of the former president fighting robots to save the Earth
And finally, Oliver the Caretaker Collins hits the high seas for terror on Spine Chilling Cinema with PHANTOM SHIP, a 1935 Bela Lugosi film about the crew aboard a ship trapped in a storm being killed one by one by an unknown murderer.
Get the good stuff right here in the FRIDAY FUN-TIME FIVE on your home for B-movies…and fun! Beta Max TV



Secret brain experiments, TV watching, bloodlust, zombies and masked wrestlers make up the groovy goulash for this week’s FRIDAY FUN-TIME FIVE on Beta Max TV!!!
Brain experiments gone awry are the theme on and off screen for The Dark Vault Of Public Domain presentation of THE BRAIN MACHINE (1977). A group of people is gathered at a secluded research facility for a brain study but the experiments have a secret purpose and soon turn deadly.  Uncle Pete has installed a chip in El Vato’s brain but it’s not working quite right and the warranty might not cover what happens!
Cinnamon and Diamond are suffering through another Hawlywood heat wave in January in Beaucoup Askew’s Fashion Trashin TWO HOT TOO HOT LADIES. So with all the heat, they decide to lay low and see what’s on TV.
It’s reminiscing and footage of Ghoulardi-fest for Triv and Ritch and the gang on The Midnight Movie. And they also show BLOODLUST (1959) about a crazed big game hunter who traps people on his island to use as his special big game.
Keymaster Slasher Poe exhumes a horror comedy in BRAINDEAD (1992) on The Dead Vault Horror Show. In this New Zealand made film, an explorer brings a rare Sumatran rat monkey from a jungle island to a New Zealand zoo where it bites a woman turning her into a zombie with comedic consequences.
And we head to the squared-circle for the Mondopiece Theatre review of THE BATWOMAN. In this 1968 Mexican wrestling superhero horror film, an evil scientist drains spinal fluid from wrestlers to create a gill man and a masked wrestling crime fighter must find him and stop him!
From the jungles to the ring to the lab, it’s brains and blood, a a Batman rip-off, and a little television for the FRIDAY FUN-TIME FIVE on your home for B-movies…and an extra serving of brains!  Beta Max TV!!!