New This Week!

Here’s what we’ve added to Beta Max TV starting on January 12, 2017:

Join Uncle Pete and The Dark Vault of Public Domain as he features a chop-socky kids flick from the early 80s entitled KARATE KIDS U.S.A.

Then on The Midnight Movie, the guys watch an early John Saxon sci-fi/horror film from the mid-60s, complete with mutant humanoids and damsels in distress with THE NIGHT CALLER.

The Cinema Snob reviews another film in the canon of religious oddity with Estus W. Pirkle’s THE BELIEVER’S HEAVEN.

On Mondopiece Theatre, host Brian Barnes skewers a b-movie from the early 70s that involves gorillas and escaped Nazi war criminals with TRADER HORNEE.

On the latest episode of Screaming Soup!, Deadwest pits POULTRYGEIST agains DOCTOR MORDRID while fighting a chicken zombie epidemic.

We’ll have more fresh episodes up on the channel next week.