New This Week!

Here’s what we’ve added to Beta Max TV on September 22, 2017:

The Dark Vault of Public Domain features a film that’s a mash-up between the western genre and a cheap Universal gill man knockoff with “Swamp of the Lost Monster.”

The guys from The Midnight Movie¬†watch an alien invasion flick called, “The Brain Eaters.”

The Cinema Snob reviews a puzzling christian rock n’ roll stageplay for kids called, “Hit-Tops.”

On Mondopiece Theatre, host¬†Brian Barnes skewers a 1968 film about a group of office workers who spend too much time on LSD with “The Acid Eaters.”

On the latest episode of Screaming Soup!, The Ghouligans make a special appearance as Dead West rates the entire “Slumber Party Massacre” series.

We also have another episodes of Retro Nite Owl Theatre featuring Fritz.

We’ll have more fresh episodes up on the channel next week.