New This Week!

Here’s what we’ve added to Beta Max TV on November 17, 2017:

The Dark Vault of Public Domain features a break-out-of-prison flick starring the mucho-macho Lee Van Cleef called, MEAN FRANK AND CRAZY TONY.

Then on The Midnight Movie, the guys watch an early Tom Selleck urban western with CONCRETE COWBOYS.

The Cinema Snob reviews a sleazy rock n’ roll thriller from the 70s with BUMMER!

On Mondopiece Theatre, host Brian Barnes skewers a 1967 B-movie about carnival oddities with his take on SHE FREAK.

On the latest episode of Screaming Soup!,Deadwest visits the Crossland’s toughest gym in search of help for getting his favorite bar table back from Buzzkill and his Monster Misfits while reviewing TICKS.

We’ll have more fresh episodes up on the channel next week.