Submit Your Film or Show

Beta Max TV wants to run your work on our live stream.  If you have a short film, full-length feature or hosted show that slants towards the horror, sci-fi or action genre, send us a link.  If we like it, we’ll program it and help promote your work through our social media channels and website. E-mail us a link to contact at betamaxtv dot com.

  • Alexis Hmielak

    Hello – I see you are looking for shows and series to play on Beta Max TV – I produce Beware Theater hosted by Arachna of the Spider People – classic horror movies from the golden age of black and white – 2 minute promo here =
    also – listings on youtube here

    Beware Theater is occasionally being seen on,, and I am always looking for more exposure for this show. I currently have 13 episodes and am continually making more. Let me know if you would be interested in playing Beware Theater on Beta Max TV.
    Thank you
    Alexis Hmielak –

  • Douglas Waltz

    Your email is wonky. I host a show The BAsement of BAron Morbid out of the wilds of Kalamazoo Michigan. We are looking to have the show reach a wider audience. We have been doing the show for about 8 years. Here’s a link to an episode.