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*All movies presented on Beta Max TV are presumed to be in the public domain or otherwise unlicensed for the purpose of U.S. copyright law and are presented free of charge. If any discrepancy exists over any title, please contact Beta Max TV immediately and the title will be withdrawn. All movies shown on Beta Max TV are gathered from sources like or public domain movie distributors. Beta Max TV claims no ownership of any of the motion pictures it features.

  • Maggiemay

    Ugh, these roku channels are all the same.

    • johnary

      Ugh, these negative comments are all the same.

  • Dan

    I love the channel. 24/7 streaming channels are great to have, even if it is a majority of public domain films. It’s great to have a channel you can turn on and not worry about, something you like is bound to come on. Thanks for the great channel, the awesome schedule guide and for all the hard work…keep ’em coming!

    • johnary

      Thanks for watching Dan. More good stuff on the way!

  • Karyn Ben Singer

    This channel is spectacular! When I was a kid, one of the local Los Angeles channels used to run b-movies on weekend afternoons. This reminds me very much of the kinds of things I’d stumble across. As much as I love having things on demand, I also think there’s something incredible about just taking a chance on whatever’s on. Thank you for taking the time to put this channel together.

    • johnary

      You are very welcome. Thanks a bunch for checking us out!

  • Dean632

    Just downloaded the channel and can’t wait for the hosted shows! Thank you for this channel!!

    • johnary

      Thanks for checking the channel out. We hope you enjoy it.

  • Alexis Hmielak

    Hello – I see you are looking for shows and series to play on Beta Max
    TV – I produce Beware Theater hosted by Arachna of the Spider People –
    classic horror movies from the golden age of black and white – It’s lots of scary fun – see promo here Please contact me if you would like to have Beware Theater on BetaMax TV.

    • johnary

      I sent you a message on Facebook. Email me at contact at betamaxtv dot com and we’ll chat.

  • Nate

    I have a question, but first off Betamax TV is amazing! It reminds me of watching TV as kid, kung fu and action movies during the day and horror movies at night! But my question is, at time I try to watch the live feed and it tells me this movie is rated R and viewer discretion advised, it stays on that screen and never moves. If I try and press buttons it either sends me back to the main menu or says next show begins in: and has a count down timer. How do I just watch the movie? Thanks for what you do and keep it up!!

  • Alexis Hmielak

    Thanks so much for your support of Beware Theater – Tonight (6/11/16) at 7 pm – be sure to watch Beware theater – Nightmare Castle – Italian Gothic Horror movie classic – starring scream queen Barbara Steel – lots of creepy fun

  • Alexis Hmielak

    holidays are over and now it’s 2017! What better way to start the new
    year than with a 2017 Beware Theater Coloring Calendar. It’s 12 months
    of coloring mayhem. Follow and color our adventures in classic public
    domain horror movies from the golden age of black and white. It’s full
    of things like dancing monsters, card-playing vampires, police lineup
    zombies, Arachna and Deadly cutouts, weird but real holidays and horror
    movie stars’ birthdays – and much, much more. It’s lots of creepy fun.
    click here to a link for ordering

    $13.99 with free shipping!! You heard that right – free shipping – What a creepy deal! Make 2017 your most colorful year yet.

    Thank you all for supporting Beware Theater -Bwahahaha